Exercising For Sex 101

July 30, 2016


Sex, intercourse, shagging, le sexy time – call it what you want. We all love it and enjoy it, but it takes some work to do it properly, especially if you’re a guy who is trying to impress a girl. Instead of worrying about the size – which doesn’t matter anyway – let’s go over some exercises that can help you be a beast in the bedroom.

Push-Ups For Pushing Down

Those with any experience in sex know that the muscles you’ll need the most are your arms, chest and back muscles. Therefore, if you want to have endurance and enough strength to last a while during sex, you need to focus on the moves that will give these muscle groups a run for their money.

We’re not talking about building size, but gaining strength. This means you should definitely skip the bench press and focus more on the push-up.

Not only is this exercise better for strengthening your pectorals, but it also imitates a certain sex position.

For arms, try getting some grip instead of doing curls. This will give you more power in your forearms, which are much more needed for sex than biceps.

Don’t forget your back, which is your strongest asset, both visually and practically. Make sure you do some pull-ups and dumbbell rows to get that back up and running.