Build Muscle Mass With These Healthiest Sources Of Protein

August 4, 2016


If you take care of your body and you’re trying to live as healthy as possible, you probably already know that protein is one of the main building blocks of a healthy diet. However, the trick is that majority of men first think of meat when someone says the word protein, and we are here to try and break this misconception.

It is crucial to know that this essential nutrient actually comes in a number of different forms. Knowing how to choose protein-rich foods and being able to control your fat and cholesterol intake are the two most important steps toward healthy eating.

Healthy Sources of Protein

Luckily, there are many healthy protein sources out there besides beefy meat.

Beans, nuts, fish, and low-fat dairy products are all healthy sources of protein, while daily produce will also provide you with the much needed calcium.

Anne Wolf, RD, registered dietitian and researcher at the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine, claims that eggs are the best source of protein, and if some people are concerned about the notorious fat and cholesterol from the yolk, Wolf says that the protein is available via eating just the egg whites.

Other healthy sources:

  • low-fat or fat-free milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products
  • whole grains including quinoa
  • lentils, beans like kidney and black beans, and dried peas
  • fermented soy products including tempeh and miso
  • protein-fortified pastas
  • protein meal replacement bars
  • nuts and nut butters