Be Sarcastic To Improve Your Creativity

July 29, 2015


Even though some people aren’t fans of that wise-guy in the group, we can’t deny that it’s fun being sarcastic. Now, you have one more reason to practice sarcasm, as science has proven that it’s actually beneficial for our creativity.

Stamp Of Approval

Being sarcastic didn’t really make you special before, but now it will. Thanks to the research teams from Harvard, INSEAD, and Columbia Business Schools, we now have a scientifically proven excuse to be sarcastic at all times.

The joint study observed 300 participants as they exchanged sarcastic, neutral, and sincere comments between each other, only to make each of them solve a difficult puzzle afterwards.

The results have shown that those who were receiving and those who gave out sarcastic comments were 75% and 65% more successful at solving the task, respectively.

A mere 25% of those who received neutral comments were able to solve the problem, while that percentage went to 30% for those who heard only sincere comments.

Bottom line, being honest and sincere is valued, but being sarcastic is both funny and healthy for your brain. We don’t need to tell you how you should behave from now on, do we?