Be A Proper Wingman

January 5, 2015


With all these tips and tricks on dating stampeding all over the internet, we though a change of theme might be a good idea. If you ever wondered how exactly you help your buddy score, you came to the perfect place.

Being a wingman is more than just saying how awesome your bro is. It’s not rocket science, but it’s something every man should know.

Communication Is Everything

If you want to be a good wingman, you have to know how to communicate with your buddy.

When he chooses one of the two girls sitting at the bar, read the signs and follow his lead. This will make everything you two do look spontaneous and smooth, and chicks dig that.

The next important factor is keeping your bro presentable. Feel free to adjust his tie, fix his messed up hair, or tell him he has a booger in his nose. Women pay attention to details, and as a wingman, so must you.

Divide And Conquer

After your friend picks one girl out of the group, it’s your job to keep her “safety net” busy. She will try to get her friend out of your buddy’s grasp, and it’s up to you to prevent her from doing that.

Last, but not least, is isolation. Public places like bars are packed with guys that pick up chicks in a walk-by, so make sure you box out any potential interference that can ruin your friend’s chances.