Astronaut Dials Wrong Number When Calling Home From Space

January 8, 2016


Prank-calling on annoying enough as it is, but prank-calling from space is just wrong. Well, we can’t really blame this Brit who’s far away from home, because his communicating misdeeds were accidental.

Major Tim Peake, Britain’s first astronaut on a space mission, accidentally made some lady really mad, when he accidentally prank-called her.

When trying to call home from space, Peake called the wrong number.

According to the astronaut himself, he feels pretty bad about it.

“I’d like to apologize to the lady I just called by mistake saying ‘Hello, is this planet Earth?’ – not a prank call… just a wrong number,” Major Peake tweeted from the International Space Station.

The 43-year-old space traveler is spending six months on the space station in order to conduct scientific experiments. He has been fairly unlucky in his previous attempts to call his loved ones, including his call to his parents on Christmas Day, when he only got their answering machine. Wishing someone a Merry Christmas from outer space seems to be quite the challenge.

Peake, a former army major, is the first Briton to join the International Space Station. He is employed by the European Space Agency.