Apple Releases iOS 7.1 Update: But What’s Wrong With It?

March 22, 2014

Apple iPhone users were excited to hear of the release of the 7.1 version, as it offered more ways to tweak some of the bugs of the earlier released version, like the calendar and wallpaper. It also offers the new CarPlay technology which is popular among many. Unfortunately, it came packed with a few new problems. iOS 7.1 is the first major update to Apple’s new OS for iPhones and iPads and it already has complaints.

Bluetooth issues


Bluetooth is important to iOS users, so some have been unhappy to discover that the new 7.1 release poses some issues with Bluetooth connectivity.

iPhone 5S especially seems to be unable to discover Bluetooth devices in the vicinity at times.

With so much moving toward a wireless experience, this is a huge issue for iPhone users as it threatens to undermine one of the main reasons people like to use the device in the first place – for the wireless capabilities.

There are also several different Apple devices created just for the purpose of Bluetooth interconnectivity, so introducing a system which can’t deliver on this issue seems counterproductive.

Battery issues

Among the chief complaints about the iOS 7.1 update is the drain on the battery it seems to be causing. Battery life is very important to smartphone and tablet users. The new iOS 7.1 update is reportedly draining on the battery of the iPhone, causing it to die out much sooner than usual. This is very frustrating to iPhone and iPad users, because they depend on their battery to keep them going and to keep them mobile.

This is the complaint that is bothering iPhone and iPad users more than any other issue and there is a lot of talk on the forums surrounding this issue. In some tests on battery drainage, the new iOS 7.1 system seemed to be draining more on the batteries of iPad and iPhone 5 than earlier models of iPhone, but there was still a drain on virtually every type of Apple device since the iOS 7.1 update was released.

This issue is drawing the most criticism from users, because while the iOS update promised to deliver increased speed, this is defeated by the lack of battery reserve in the long run.

Spontaneous restarts

In addition to the other woes the iOS 7.1 update is creating, it also seems to be causing the iPhone to experience spontaneous restarts.

It is not clear whether this is triggered by the software crashing the phone or to some other glitch that happens when it is in use. But users are aggravated with this problem as well.

The restart issue keeps the phone from operating correctly when it is experiencing these issues and users end up having to let their phone restart more than once at times to get it running smoothly again.

App crashes

Apps such as Music Tube have also experienced some problems and cause the phone to hang after exiting or entering the app. This sometimes triggers a spontaneous restart or pauses the phone to where it is temporarily unusable.

While the iOS 7.1 update comes packed with lots of new features iOS users love, the problems are so significant that it makes one tempted to wait for the 8.0 version before downloading the update. Apple is good at fixing what ails it though when there is a glitch, and they are working on fixes to the problem that will clear up these issues as fast as possible, so that users can enjoy the new update without all the fuss.