Anticipating The Arrival Of Windows 9: What To Expect?

March 24, 2014


What will Windows 9 be like?

All signs point to the fact that Windows 9 will be an enhanced version of 8 in many ways and there do not seem to be any indications that it will look much different than its predecessor.

This may be to the dismay of many users who had hoped that Microsoft would back off of their tiled interface and opt for their earlier traditional looking versions instead.

Microsoft was the last to join the “app revolution,” beginning their app store on October 25 of 2013, so it would be counterproductive to their strategy to back off the mobile-like interface now. They seem to believe that is what users want so future versions of Windows will probably follow suit.

The merging of mobile and desktop

Microsoft Windows 9 will likely continue to attempt to merge the two technologies of mobile devices and desktop technology so that people will have a “tablet” experience on their computers.

However, many MS users do not like this feature, according to discussions going on in the forums. Some users feel “enough is enough” when it comes to mobile devices and they do not really want to utilize the same type of touch-screen capabilities when they use their PC as they do on their mobile devices. Still, it seems clear that Microsoft will continue along this path, especially since they were the last player to join the mobile app game.

Windows 9 expectations

Other than the fact that 9 will be a tiled interface like the 8 version, it is hard to predict what other features will be packed into this version, especially since it is still in development. Some users of Windows are asking Microsoft in forums to build 9 based on 7 instead of 8, in the hopes they can discourage the technology giant developers from focusing on the 8 format before it is ready to market.

But, as long as Microsoft feels the UI interface is what people want, that is likely the direction they will go. As far as other changes and improvement, we can only speculate. Most believe it will include upgrades to several aspects of 8, such as more accessibility to the hard drive, easier access to live links, and other new features. Their goal is to make the user comfortable with the interface and use it in the same way that they use their Windows phones.

What to expect before the release

Windows 8 users can expect a plethora of 8 upgrades before the 9 version is released to its adoring public. There are supposedly as many as 9 versions of 8 planned, to try to improve the platform for 8 users and gradually wade into the release of 9 sometime in 2015.

Some users have chosen to keep Windows 7 on their PC until Microsoft decides to revert to that type of interface but this writer is doubtful this will ever happen. So the best advice we have to Windows 8 users is to get used to the tiles. Just consider your desktop an extension of your Windows phone if you have one.

Perhaps this is Microsoft’s attempt to obtain the same “across platform” status that Steve Jobs was able to accomplish with some of his products, such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, encouraging people to purchase both and use them interchangeably.

When will it be released?

Word has it that Windows 9 will not be released until early 2015 (perhaps by April of next year), which is a small “window” of time since Windows 8 came out. But, with several versions of 8 scheduled before the release of 9, it may be awhile.