5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Girlfriend a Valentine’s Day Gift

October 25, 2013

pärchen mit geschenk
It’s that time of year again. Many men dread Valentine’s Day for good reason.

Valentine’s Day is a minefield. One wrong move and BANG! You find yourself in trouble at best; and, at worst find yourself single.

Here are five things you should consider before you purchase your sweetheart something for Valentine’s Day.

1. Do not buy a gift card

This could be interpreted that you do not care enough to spend time picking out something which is thoughtful and romantic. Gift cards are almost as bad as giving her cash.  She might think your relationship is nothing but a business transaction. Cold and impersonal is not the way you want to go.

2. Avoid purchasing lingerie

Or anything else of a sexual nature. As confusing as this may sound, sex is not the point. What matters to your girlfriend is how you feel about her.

The Lingerie Addict-LingerieShe wants to know that you love her for herself. Sexy gifts might be construed as your relationship is nothing but a physical one. Again, this might be considered too impersonal for her.

3. Do not purchase a mostly humorous gift

She may have a great sense of humor, but she also might think you don’t take your relationship seriously. You may also find that there is nothing funny about Valentine’s Day. She wants to know that you treasure her. Whoopie cushions do not convey that sentiment.

4. This is not the time to be frugal

Costume jewelry, knock off purses, and cheap perfume could make your girlfriend feel you don’t consider her worth a better gift. This is a time to make your girlfriend feel valued. Before you take her to dinner to McDonalds, you may want to reconsider.

5. Do not buy anything too expensive

Having said that, don’t buy her anything too expensive either.

As frustrating as this might seem, it is possible that she might feel like you are trying to purchase her love.

More annoying is that she might feel that you are substituting things of value for your own feelings.

You are asking, “Well what the heck should I get her?”  This might require some thought. Do you remember the first non-fast food restaurant you went to? What flower does she like? Where was your first kiss?

You need to make whatever you give her uniquely personal to both you and her. Knowing what she likes and remembering the high points of your relationship tells her how much you value her.

Don’t fall into the trap should she tell you that “anything is fine” for Valentine’s Day.  It’s not. There is one exception to the “too expensive” consideration. That would be an engagement ring. If not proposing, please consider the above suggestions and best of luck to you on surviving another Valentine’s Day.

Photo Credit: Treacle Tart, Brendan DeBrincat, Mariyaz via Flickr.