2015 Tesla Model S – The Friendliest Car Ever

April 14, 2015


In 2007, we’ve seen the very first all-electric car in the world which actually looks good and can get some serious mileage. And it was only just that the Tesla Roadster got named after one of the greatest minds of the XIX and XX century.

However, almost a decade passed since then, and both the competition and the standards got more fierce and unforgiving. That’s why this year we were introduced to the 2015 Tesla Model S, the new way of driving a fast, good-looking, and environment-friendly beast.

Old Face, New Soul

The Model S was first released in 2012. Three years later, its upgraded version looks basically the same, as the guys from Tesla don’t care as much about looks as they care about the car’s capabilities.

That’s why the 2012 and the 2015 models look like the same car, but only from the outside.

The interior of the 2015 Model S may seem unchanged at first, but once you get into all of its features, you’ll be sorry you thought that.

The new Tesla car comes with a new semi-autopilot based on a system of optical cameras and a 360-degree sonar.

This way, the new Model S is able to detect other cars, road signs, and walkers. It’s also able to automatically ‘step on the brakes’ if the situation requires and can change lanes on its own after the turn-signal has been activated.

Don’t Forget Your Batteries

Even though Tesla left the Model S’ exterior untouched, they certainly didn’t do the same with the car’s drivetrain.
There are a few engine options in the offer. The 60 kWh electric engine has 376 horsepower, while the upgraded 85 kWh version has the same amount of bhp’s, but has better acceleration, top speed, and longevity.

Last, but certainly not least, is Tesla’s strongest engine yet. Just imagine an AWD car powered with a mixture of 221 front bhp and 470 rear-bound horsepower. With a total of 691 horsepower, the 2015 Model S is more than capable of putting a fair amount of supercars to shame with a top speed of 155 mph.

Bottom line, the new Tesla Model S basically paved a way for the future of the car industry – not only is it fast, but for less than $70K you can have your very own, self-piloted, environment-friendly sport car.