15 Most Expensive Male Perfumes In The World


Smelling good is a must if you want to make a good impression. No one expects you to look like a million bucks at all times, but they do expect you to smell like it. Coincidently enough, there are some perfumes that will almost cost you as much.

Although fragrances for women have been on top of the “smell great” game for hundreds of years (literally), the tables have finally turned as perfumes for real men have taken the cake.

So, if you ever wondered which 15 male perfumes are the most expensive ones, continue on reading.

15. Gucci Pour Homme By Gucci – $50

This head turning perfume is a necessity for the modern, everyday man.

Although it doesn’t really cost as much when compared to other perfumes on this list, it’s price of about $50 can still be too much for some men.

However, this investment if you decide to make it, definitely won’t be one that you’ll regret.

An amazing pick for cold, winter days, Gucci Pour Homme By Gucci is also a high quality perfume which will easily help you get that bank loan, girl or promotion. Well, we would give you the promotion if you smelled so good. That has to count for something, right?