15 Most Expensive Alcoholic Beverages In The World


Aside from being a beverage, alcohol has become a part of the modern society. Just think about it: there is no party without booze, men spend most of their free time with friends and drinks, and in the worst case scenario you can just get hammered when you have nothing better to do.

And as everything else in life, alcohol can be cheap and pricy. But while some of us prefer a $2 bottle of beer, there are some among us that would fancy a drink with a face-melting price. In that regard, here are 15 most expensive alcoholic beverages in the world.

15. Samuel Adams Utopias

Since we wanted to begin with something mild, we decided – as many of us often do – to go for a beer.

Perhaps beer isn’t usually considered as expensive booze, but there is still one brand that puts every other beer label to shame – the Samuel Adams Utopias.

It’s not only the price that puts the Utopias on this list, but also its fancy design and the kick it provides.

While it resides peacefully in a bottle that could easily be mistaken for a copper bell, this beer is quite a beast. Its raw power comes from that fact that it’s a 24% ABV, which puts Utopias at the very top of the list of strong beers.

Price per bottle: $200