Top 25 Chick Cars That Guys Should Never Drive


Americans have a special connection to their cars and the open road. For decades there has been obsession with the freedom to select the right car for the job, and hit the open road for family vacations in that trusted vehicle.

American men, in particular, have an obsession with finding the right car to express their personal character.

Men drive SUVs, trucks, and sports cars that have the speed and power to impress.

On the other hand, there are so-called “chick cars.” These cars are slow, dainty, and soft. The following are 10 chick cars that guys should never be caught driving.

1. Volkswagen Beetle

Before launching into the full explanation of why men should never, ever, drive this vehicle, it is important to address one caveat. The original VW Beetle was a much beefier incarnation of this model and was a staple in the California surfer community. If you drive one of those, you are in the clear as far as this list is concerned.

If, on the other hand, you have purchased one of the VW Beetles produced since 1998, you are driving the number one chick car that no man should ever drive. The original Beetle had its origins as a rugged vehicle during World War II and hit the United States in the years following the war with very few changes to its rugged nature.

Following several years out of production, the Beetle was reintroduced in 1998 as a stripped down chick car with a chic design and no power under the hood.

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The modern Beetle is neither rugged nor sporty, which should be enough reason for any man to pass on purchasing this vehicle. If that isn’t enough, consider the fact that the modern design and powerless incarnation of the Beetle looks a little like something you should give your daughter when she outgrows her power wheel car. If you want a Volkswagen with power, consider the Jetta or Passat instead.