15 World’s Biggest Unsolved Crimes


Every crime is scary and terrible, but when a truly tragic and horrid thing happens, shivers tend to crawl up everyone’s spines. When the person(s) responsible for the wretched incident are captured, people seem to breathe at least a bit easier. However, when something remains unsolved, it forever haunts every single soul that has ever heard of it. These 15 law–breaking incidents remain to be the world’s biggest unsolved crimes.

1. Tylenol Poisonings

Back in 1982, a huge pharmaceutical scandal and a devastating tragedy occurred when 12-year-old Mary Kellerman died after taking Tylenol to cure her cold.

Tylenol, a famed drug, was not the direct cause of young Mary’s death, however. Her death was the result of a twisted mystery person lacing extra-strength Tylenol pills with cyanide.

The horrid ways of the mysterious person also led to the deaths of six other people.

The contaminated bottles came from different production plants, so it was believed that someone was purchasing the bottles and returning them poisoned to market shelves. The person was never found.