15 World’s Biggest Unsolved Crimes


2. Fayetteville’s Missing Fire Children

One of the most peculiar crimes happened in the small town of Fayetteville, West Virginia, back in December 1945.

The Sodder family (parents and their ten children) slept peacefully while a fire erupted in their home on Christmas Eve around 1am.

One of the sons was not home, and four of the children escaped with their parents. Sadly, five of the children did not escape. However, they did not exactly die either.

The patriarch of the family tried to re-enter the house to find the five trapped kids, but failed to find them. They, nor their bodies, were found, and there was no trace of them – no bones, no remains, and no smell of burning flesh during or after the fire.

The family’s ladder was missing, the truck wouldn’t turn on, and the water from the rain barrel was frozen solid. The kids were never found.