Top 12 Qualities Women Want In Their Men


Men are often dazzled by women’s coyness and ability to hide their true thoughts and emotions but all those men who want to be there for their ladies and amaze them with their intuitiveness and assertiveness would prefer to know what women want and how to be the best partner she’s ever had. Today we reveal the top 12 characteristics ladies would like their men to have, and we all know that women who feel loved and appreciated will go above and beyond to return the favor.

1. Good Communication Skills

Poor communication skills or inability to get one’s message across is the leading cause of problems in long-term relationships.

All other things couples bicker about, such as sex or money, have nothing on communication so it’s not surprising ladies appreciate men with good communication skills who say what they mean and can express their thoughts and feelings without making their interlocutor feel inferior, misunderstood or oppressed in any way.

A man who can make a point in a few words is efficient and concrete, traits that can prove to be rather useful later on in life when two partners are living together and need to make joint decisions.