Top 15 cars under $15,000 that will make you look rich


1. Mazda CX-7

The CX-7 might be the most responsive vehicle on this list from a performance standpoint.

The Mazda CX-7 features ultra-sleek styling on the outside, interior amenities that include Bluetooth connectivity and a 2.3L engine under the hood.

The highlight of the CX-7 is its quick-shift 6-speed automatic that makes it not only fast, but responsive and fun to drive.

On sale since the spring of 2006, the CX-7 has a turbocharged inline-4 engine. The car has a great look, but sales have been low because the car is between a sedan and a compact car. It has been unable to be successful in either category.

The CX-7’s last year of production was 2012. With poor fuel economy, the CX-7 is just not practical enough for those that love Mazdas. It’s a great looking car, and has a sporty look. The CX-7 was made available used once the 2012 models were all sold.

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The Mazda CX-7 is a great car to commute to work, because it has plenty of space for other adult passengers. It does fairly well on gas, because it isn’t quite an SUV.