Is Your Wardrobe Keeping You Single? Top 10 Ways To Dress To Impress Women


3. Wear Dress Shirts

Dress shirts can be a nice compromise for guys who don’t like to wear suits all the time as they are handsome, accentuate a guy’s upper body and can double as formal or casual wear depending on the occasion.

Dress shirts come in various colors and designs and are best paired with jeans and a casual suit-style jacket.

These garments can be worn with denim shorts for a hot summer Southern California-kind a day or they can be paired with dress pants and fancy shoes sans the jacket for guys who want to keep it as comfortable as possible.

Girls like to see guys in dress shirts as guys who wear this type of clothing show they care about their looks without trying too hard. Mind you, a muscular upper body certainly helps the situation here, so hit the gym hard for the best effect.