Is Your Wardrobe Keeping You Single? Top 10 Ways To Dress To Impress Women


2. Wear Activewear

Activewear is the type of clothing that most women find attractive simply because guys who are gutsy enough to wear it usually have the body to pull it off.

For all those couch potatoes out there looking for a lifestyle change, hitting the gym and replacing a geeky wardrobe with a personal trainer-like attire will definitely get you off “my single friends” list.

Activewear is sexy and confident without ever being arrogant. It translates into masculinity in the eyes of women, the kind of strength girls like their boyfriends to have. We are not saying wear slouchy track pants to dinner now! We are saying update your wardrobe with a few activewear pieces that can double as casual.

Activewear industry has been so rapidly expanding over the last few years that brands such as Nike and Lululemon now make effortlessly elegant kinds of clothing made out of performance gear material. Genius!