15 Most Bizarre And Ridiculous Jobs In The World


“If you are good at something, never do it for free.” The Joker from Nolan’s masterpiece couldn’t have been more right, even though the character is one of the most vicious and unhinged personas to ever walk the fictional Earth.

However, the real world is what we’re interested in right now, and some of the most unreal jobs available across the globe.

From Panda Fluffers and Chicken Sexers, to professional Internet Trolls and Adult Film Critics. Earning that extra dime can go a long way. Enjoy the ride.

1. Panda Fluffer

The country is China and the job is one of the weirdest and most awkward ones you have ever heard of.

Though it will most definitely cause some giggles and raise many an eyebrow, this rather bizarre job is actually extremely important if we want these cute and benevolent animals around for the years to come.

Pandas are famously unwilling to mate and pretty uncomfortable with their sexuality.

Plus, they are quite lazy by nature, so Panda Fluffers, or officially “Panda Handlers”, have to find a way to keep these lethargic and frigid animals in the mood while they get physical, physical.

Let’s not allow these awesome animals to become extinct. They need a helping hand, a helping hand shall be given.