10 Things Women Find Unattractive In Men


Since guys are mainly physical types, meaning we pay probably too much attention to the way women look, it doesn’t mean girls the same way.

You may be looking dashing, with your perfect hair, sexy beard and masculine body, but do bear in mind you could still be lacking many things girls find attractive, or even worse, you might be possessing some of those idiosyncrasies which are rather repulsive to women.

It is crucial to understand what are those little things that put girls off, and act accordingly. Buckle up, this might be bumpy.

1. Lack Of Ambition

One of the leading deal breakers is definitely the notorious lack of ambition.

Sure, you don’t have to be a famous businessman worth millions of dollars or strive to become the next president of USA in order to attract a lady, but you simply need to have this little thing called ambition.

Not having a plan for your future or any goals for the kind of career you want to pursue is a major turn off.

No woman seeks to settle down with someone without a plan, someone who only wants to hang out at home in their sweatpants watching TV all the time, or trying to yet again set a new record on some Xbox video game.

Make sure you get yourself some aspiration and roll with it.