10 Things That Change After You Tie The Knot


No matter how long the dating period lasts, things in your relationship change drastically once the knot is tied. If there are any couples that claim otherwise, they are probably lying to you.

Let’s see what are all those things and aspects of your relationship that change in the postnuptial reality and which aspects of your existence turn for the better, and which turn for the worse after you say “I Do”.

1. “I” Becomes “We”

Single people rarely think in plural. They have the ultimate freedom when it comes to picking what they want to eat, where they want to go, with whom they want to hang out and how they wish to spend their hard-earned money.

This changes dramatically once you get married. “I” becomes “We” and you can say goodbye to all those precious solitary moments we all underestimate while we are single.

But it is not all that bad, though. Making big decisions is much easier when you are a couple.

However, this doesn’t really apply to choosing which TV show to watch next. Separate home cinema sets usually do the trick.