10 Birthday Gifts That Men Actually Want


2. Tickets To A Game

Getting a good gift in general revolves around figuring out what the giftee likes, not what you like, and if you wouldn’t go to a baseball or a football game in a million years, that doesn’t mean that your guy feels the same way.

If your beau is a sports fan, getting him tickets for his favorite sport/team will show that you care about his interests and want him to pursue them, which is rather supporting of you.

Keep in mind that going “all the way” with this gift also includes picking a game with the right opposing team, and if your guy’s birthday is during the play-offs you’ve got yourself a chance for a slam dunk. He must have a favorite section at the sporting arena where he likes to sit and enjoy the game, so try to get that out of him in time so you can get him a gift with a bang.