15 Things You Absolutely Can’t Do On The First Date


When men are supposed to go on a first date with a girl they really like, it’s not uncommon that they either overthink the date or think less than they need. This is where the first date fails, and they probably never get to see the girl again.

However, this can be avoided. See what are the things you mustn’t do on the first date and make sure you do the opposite. This way not only will she like you, but you will most likely get that second date.

1. Don’t Check Out Other Girls

Sometimes our eyes can wander on unfamiliar territory, and that’s O.K. – if you’re not on a date.

If you get caught, your date will probably be over in a blink of an eye.

The other option in this situation is to improvise. Try noticing how much hotter your date is than that girl, and you’re in the clear.

Instead of eyeing that hot chick two tables away, give your full attention to your date.

Keep your eyes on the prize – and by this we mean your girl – and you’ll thank us later, when you go out on the second date.