15 Signs You’re Gonna Get Dumped


Relationships are normally all fun and games in the beginning. Everything is so new, fun and you just can’t picture anything being wrong and getting on a bad side. And then it does.

What, why and exactly how it happened you don’t know you just find yourself being nervous all the time, feeling unsure of the ground you’re standing on and being basically mistreated.

Although everything may be just a phase and a rough patch because you’re partner is having some problems, it’s usually “the other thing.”

If you tried everything ad nothing’ working, maybe it’s time to quit with a little bit of dignity you have left and walk away for your own sake, so here are the 15 signs you’re gonna get dumped.

Remember, you’re stuck with you for the rest of your life, others came and go, so put yourself first.

1. They’re Communicating With You Less

Communication is a component of top priority to any kind of relationship with another human being, a key to any solid relationship. When there is less and less communication in your relationship, when you notice that you’re not getting those random little signs of affection from your partner that you used to get, when you can feel the coldness even from a text message, it’s time to realize some things.

If your partner is sending less texts, emails or calling you less, it could be a sign that you’re not going to be together much longer. Sure, it can mean that they’re having just a bad day or two, but there’s a difference between a day and two weeks, for an example.