10 Workout Exercises You’re Doing Wrong


When you go to the gym or use your home gym, how do you know that you’re doing the various exercises you perform correctly?

Most people think they’re doing weight workouts the right way, but in reality most are getting it wrong. What does it matter?

Accurately performing an exercise is the best way to avoid injury and get the results you want in the shortest amount of time.

Below are 10 exercises that most people do the wrong way along with a description of how to do them correctly.

1. Lat Pull Downs

If you’re looking for a great way to work out your back muscles, the lat pull down takes the cake. This exercise is popular because it works several areas of the back at one time and offers results in a relatively short amount of time. However, many men are performing the exercise all wrong.

It is imperative that this exercise be done correctly because incorrect positioning and execution can cause serious injuries. Performing the lat pull down improperly can result in injury to the neck, shoulders, and back at the worst.

Many people perform the lat pull down with a hunched back, which can cause strain and injury. Proper form for the lat pull down demands that you sit straight up and keep your shoulder blades pinched back.

Some people find this posture difficult to hold, but while it might be unusual it should not hurt. Imagine you are trying to hold something behind you with your shoulder blades.

As you pull the bar down, keep those shoulder blades pinched in the back and do not bring the bar down farther than your chin. Pulling the bar down too far can overextend your muscles and cause muscle strain or even tears, so be sure to keep your range of motion in check.

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