12 Life Skills You Need to Call Yourself a Man


There was a time in American history when a man was a man, and the rest of the world knew it when they looked at him. Sure, there were negative aspects to society at that point in time, but it was nice to know what made a man a man. The world needs men of action to get things done, and unfortunately American society is becoming increasingly sedentary and men are losing their manliness.

No one is suggesting society needs to return to an age when sexism was rampant, but rather that we need to rediscover a few life skills that most modern men have lost that make them a little less manly. These tips are easy for every man to adopt and will help put the man back in mankind.

1. Getting a Busy Bartender’s Attention

There is nothing more impressive to a woman than a man of action whose confidence gets things done, and the quicker the better.

When you are out on the town at a bar or nightclub, one of the toughest tasks can be getting drinks quickly for yourself and/or your company for the evening.

Each and every night bar patrons watch as a line of less than confident men gather along the bar waiting for the bartender’s attention.

Rather than join the flock of happy-go-lucky fools, take the initiative and go get that bartenders attention. At this point you’re probably thinking “if these guys haven’t done so, how can I?” It’s simpler than you think.

For starters, pick the right spot. Don’t just slide up to the bar and start flailing your arms about hoping to catch the bartender’s eye. Head for the serving station, because this is where the bartender will be making drinks in the first place. Stand there patiently, no arm motions or gestures, with cash in hand for the bartender to see.

Be assertive in making eye contact, and when the bartender has a moment to look up he or she will catch your eye. Finally, don’t be cheap. Tip the bartender well, preferably 20%, or you can bet that they won’t be looking your direction when you come back for refills.