7 Ways to Make Your Online Dating Profile Irresistible


2) Start with something compelling

If someone is quickly flicking through dozens of different men on a dating site, it might be the case that only a few lines of your profile are read, unless they are particularly intriguing.

If you want to receive more messages, you need to make sure that the beginning of your profile makes women want to learn more about you.

Some sites even provide space for a short headline of around 150 characters, so if this is offered then try to take advantage of it.

Avoid clichés or banal statements (such as “Looking for a nice girl for a good time” or “Hard working guy with a good sense of humor”) and write something that indicates something meaningful about your personality. You might attract even more attention if you deploy something particularly witty as your headline.

Of course, it’s easier said than done to compose one or two sentences that make you sound desirable, approachable and unique. You might find it inspiring to browse through some prominent profiles on your dating site, as you can model your own introduction on some of these by modifying it to suit your personality (rather than simply copying what other users have said).