7 Tablets That Put the iPad to Shame


1. Microsoft Surface RT and Pro ($399, $899 respectively)

From a purely professional and flexible standpoint, the Surface RT and Pro offer the stiffest challenge to the iPad’s dominance of the past three years.

The Surface RT offers the lightweight flexibility of an iPad, with a built-in kickstand for support that the iPad lacks and a cover which includes a keyboard (both a capacitive touch version and full-key version) that the iPad cannot match.

The iPhone, and by default the iPad, became quick hits in the business world. The Surface Pro offers a feature the iPad simply cannot match and that is a full blown version of Windows. Now, the Pro is heavier and slightly bulkier than an iPad, but running a seamlessly integrated version of Windows that is so popular in office around the world puts the Pro ahead of the iPad.

Pros: Both devices have abilities the iPad does not, including multi-tasking capabilities, stylus pens, and USB drives for expanded storage. Additionally, the Surface RT (a more direct competitor) comes with a lower price tag.

Cons: The Windows marketplace is a distant third behind the App Store and Google Play in terms of depth of apps offered. Additionally, the Pro is rather expensive at $899 but is a full blown computer in tablet size.