3 Things Men Need To Know About The Commitment Phobia

May 12, 2017

Commitment Phobia

If you are a type of guy who fears commitment as if it was a monster from some chilling horror movie, here are some basic things you must learn about this notorious commitment phobia ASAP.

Almost all guys in their mid-20s are more or less afraid of serious relationships and tend to stick to their bachelor-type of dating for as long as possible.

According to Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell, the famous love and sex therapist: “In general, women desire to be in relationships more than men because women are assessed by and valued for relationships, whereas men are valued for their career status and income.”

We at Men’s Magazine think that men should also start thinking about what is really important for one’s happiness, and finally get over their commitment phobia.

Here’s how to do this.

1. Don’t Wait For The ‘Perfect’ Time

Dr. Abrell says that most men first want to take care of their financial status and get their career on track before they are ready to settle down. This is pretty hard though, especially in today’s volatile economy in which steady career is almost fiction-like.

While the right person might only come along once.

This is why you need to learn to recognize the “once in a lifetime” type of love, and go for it, regardless of your career.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Accept (And Express) How You Feel

According to Sarah Patt, a dating expert and matchmaker, men are afraid of their feelings and are always looking to avoid answering direct questions with a yes or no, especially when it comes to talking about commitment.

Maybe is the ultimate red flag. It’s indecisive,” says Patt. “That maybe may be a sign that, instead of living in the now, you’re still leaving yourself open to the possibilities of something better to come around.”

So, if your relationship truly feels like the real deal, stop saying maybe and become a Yes Man!

3. Don’t Fear What The Future Holds

Sarah Patt says that talking about the future together shouldn’t be scary. “No one knows what the future holds but it’s all within your control. If talking about the future is something you can’t see yourself doing that means you’re avoiding the conversation.”

Every serious relationship has to have its past, present, AND future.

“Your fear of commitment could be holding you back from taking your relationship to the next level. Remember talking about the future can be a great way for you and that special someone to bond and learn more about each other.”