15 Signs that She Wants You in Bed


Plenty of guys throughout history have been in this situation: they really want to make a move on a girl, but are so afraid of getting shot down, they let the moment pass.

This tragic scene is all-too-common, and yet it could be avoided if the guy had just paid attention to the signs.

It is a commonly known fact that guys and girls think differently. Therefore, it only stands to reason that they send different signals as well.

On this list, we will go over 15 of the most obvious signs that a girl wants to get you into bed.

1. She makes an excuse to see your apartment

Now it could be that the girl is just the inquisitive sort, but 9 times out of 10 if a girl wants to see your apartment, it’s a better-than-average chance that she wants to get down and do the horizontal shuffle with you.

Getting a girl back to your place is one of the toughest things a guy can do, but if she is down for a visit, than put out all your nice things because chances are she wants to stay the night.

Even though getting her back to your place doesn’t guarantee the fact that the no-pants-dance is going to happen, it is definitely the hardest step on the journey to sexual bliss. If she comes over, it means she is already good with your personality; now it is time to test out your physicality.