10 Most Ridiculous Sports Of All Time


If there is one thing that can unite men from around the world, it’s sports. No matter where you’re from, you must have a favorite team or a favorite sport. Arguing and debating on which sport is better or who will win the next championship is something men will always be able to talk about.

However, all of us will agree that certain sports are just crazy. And no, we’re not talking about bull-riding or bungee jumping – we want the most ridiculousness and insanity that can be packed in an activity that we call sport.

1. Hurling

If you’re a fan of baseball, you’ll love hurling. It’s practically the same, only the latter is completely insane and unsafe.

Originating from Ireland, hurling is a sport that includes two teams of 15 probably crazy players, wooden sticks, and balls flying at the speed of light.

Aside from the aforementioned, the participants usually don’t wear any protection, which gives hurling that dangerous edge.

The focus of the game, besides killing each other, is scoring a certain amount of points by scoring goals. Nonetheless, despite the fact that this sport is overall dangerous and scary, it’s somewhat popular in Ireland.