10 Easy Ways For Shedding Belly Fat


2. Work your core – not your abs

You might think the best way to burn belly fat is to target your abdominal muscles, but it doesn’t work that way.

If you strengthen your abs, they’re likely to firm up below your belly fat, pushing it out and making it more prominent.

Instead, choose to work your core with handstands and other gymnastic exercises. Get a full-body makeover by strengthening your core – the muscles from your hips to shoulders.

These exercises show off all your muscles, de-emphasize your belly and give your body a more balanced appearance.

As a bonus, a strong core program can also improve posture, which will make your belly look smaller even before you’ve lost the weight. Core strengthening also alleviates back pain, improves posture and balance, and protects your inner organs and central nervous system.

Core exercises challenge multiple muscles in coordinated movements. The exercises should engage your entire body. If you’re not thrilled at the idea of gymnastics, you could experiment with Pilates or yoga, which target those muscle groups.

If you’re new to these workouts, expect low belly aches for a few days as your core muscles come to life. Cycling, swimming, kick boxing, plyometric moves are other fun activities you can do to strengthen your core and shed belly fat.