20 Cars You Don’t Want To Be Seen Driving


2. Nissan Cube

This unusual boxy car is very weird—and not really in a good way.

While many cars might be described as box-like in appearance (i.e. Land Rovers), these vehicles just look like a cross between a box and a minivan with its heart set on being an SUV.

Again, this vehicle is another example of a confused design. There is also a preponderance of metal—too much metal on the bottom making the car seem heavy in the middle.

The box-like top is also a strange feature that makes this vehicle seem bus-like.

With so many great makes and models out there, it just doesn’t make sense to drive a strange vehicle like this unless, of course, it was gifted to you. Instead, you might go with a more straight-forward design like a mini-van or SUV—one or the other.

This vehicle just seems like it’s having an identity crisis which can make for an embarrassing situation. If you can drive any other car, you might want to! If you do have a pal that drives a Nissan Cube, the best thing to do is not to stare too long if you can help it. The design is so puzzling that you might not be able to help yourself.