15 Sure Signs She’s Cheating


It sure can be devastating when you find out that your girl has cheated on you. It’s definitely not a good feeling, and nobody likes it.

But there is a way of “finding out before you find out.” There are certain signs that usually go along with each other and can suggest your woman has something on the side. Here are fifteen of the most common signs that she’s cheating on you.

1. Another Man’s Scent

This might seem as a cliché, but it’s our equivalent of lipstick marks on clothes. Men colognes tend to stick around for a while, and in this case can be a certain clue to your girl’s cheating.

Don’t get alarmed too soon, though – if she starts wearing a new perfumer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s cheating.

Maybe she’s just experimenting with different fragrances, or perhaps trying to spice up your love life.

But if you smell another man’s cologne on her body or clothes, this is when your red light should turn on – it’s most likely a sign of unfaithfulness.