14 Worst Foods for Belly Fat


3. Soda

Whether you opt for traditional soda or one of the diet alternatives, belly fat is an unfortunate but common result.

Habitual soda drinkers who go “cold turkey” often see a significant weight loss that remains as long as they do not return to drinking sodas.

Regular soda contains vast amounts of empty calories in the form of sugars, spiking your blood sugar and promoting weight gain, especially around your abdomen.

Caffeine adds a feeling of stimulation that some interpret as an appetite for food. In addition, studies suggest that the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas can inhibit your body’s ability to detect fullness, leading to a lack of satisfaction and increased likelihood of over-eating.

This is why a person with a soft drink in one hand will often have a burger or a candy bar in the other. These foods do not just “go together.” They actually combine in the body to increase your appetite for both food and drink. The more you consume, the more you want.

Stop Using Sugary Drinks – Use Splenda Instead!

Instant or concentrated flavorings are no better, since they contain a huge jolt of sugar. Water is the best alternative, and if you want to liven up the taste, you can add a squeeze of fresh lemon.