Top 10 Things Women Do When They’re Interested In You


Leaving a good first impression is what matters most when it comes to dating, but reading the signs is equally important. Considering most of the things you will notice as a first impression are non-verbal. It can be hard understanding what the situation actually is.

Each woman has her own way of showing that they like you, but there are certain things that they all have in common. With that in mind, here are the top 10 things women do when they’re interested in you.

1. Posture

As we’ve said before, non-verbal factors are of the utmost importance when recognizing the signs girls can show if they’re interested in you. And one of those factors is her posture.

Both boys and girls use their posture as a way of sending signals to the other party.

Not facing you, crossing her arms, and leaning away are all signs that she’s trying to block your attempts in getting to know her.

However, if her stance is open, she’s facing you, and even leaning in, you have a woman who’s interested in you on your hands. Her posture can say a lot about her interest in furthering your conversation, so pay attention to the way she sits.