Things That Are Stopping Your From Being An Alpha Male

July 7, 2016


Let’s face it – every man, regardless of age, skin color, or religion, would like nothing more in his life than being an alpha male. The perks of this are irresistible, as you become the natural leader and provider to your buddies, girlfriend, and family.

While some of us are just not cut out to be the main cojones in our surroundings, there are certain guys that actually have potential at being alpha, but there’s something stopping them. If you think your one of the latter, read on to find out what these things are.

Same Face For Everyone

When we say cheap, we don’t mean just avoiding paying for stuff. If there’s one thing an alpha male is not, it’s being short on manners and words.

For example, not picking up the bill to pay for it is one of things an alpha male would never do.

As a provider, it’s your duty to make sure everything has been taken care of, and this includes paying at the restaurant.

As far as your words are concerned, you always have to know what to say. “Thank you” and “I apologize” should be among the top five phrases in your vocabulary, as an alpha male doesn’t avoid conflict, gratefulness, or admitting he’s wrong.

Finally, you have to be direct and honest. Trying to act dominant in front of those who have a weaker character than you while sucking up to those who are superior is a sure sign you’re doing it wrong. An alpha male isn’t shy of confrontation and never chooses to fight dirty.