Richard Hammond Was Almost Killed In A Terrible $2 million Car Crash

June 12, 2017

Former Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, escaped death by mere seconds after a car he was driving plummeted down a hill, flipped over and burst into flames. Hammond managed to climb out of the smashed vehicle just moments before it exploded.

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It all happened in the town of St Gallen, Switzerland.

The famous 47-year-old British TV presenter and adrenaline junky was shooting a scene for his Amazon show “The Grand Tour” when he wrecked a Rimac Concept One supercar worth over $2 million.

Luckily, he managed to save himself from this expensive car wrack that plummeted down the steep Hemberg Hill climb.

It Was Really Bad

The show’s producer, Andy Wilman, described the accident and said that Jeremy Clarkson and James May (Hammond’s co-presenters) had run to the scene as soon as it happened, fearing the worst.

“When they saw the wreckage on fire they thought Richard was dead. It was really bad,” Wilman said during an interview for the Sunday Mirror.

“If Richard had been a few seconds slower getting out, he would have been incinerated. They were staggered he had got out of it alive, because there was just nothing left.”

‘Shaken’ But Alright

Hammond was subsequently taken by air ambulance to a nearby hospital. Luckily, he only suffered a fracture to his knee.

Wilman laso mentioned that the presenter was “very shaken” by the whole shebang, but that he was also “very lucky.”

“It’s a miracle really and certainly another one of his lives gone,” he said.

The Biggest Crash I’ve Ever Seen

Fellow presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, later tweeted about it being “the biggest” car crash he had ever witnessed.

“It was the biggest crash I’ve ever seen and the most frightening but incredibly, and thankfully, Richard seems to be mostly OK,” wrote Clarkson via his Twitter account.

We wish Hammond a quick recovery.