Humans Do Have A Mating Season After All, Studies Show

April 12, 2017

mating season

We know how most animal species mate at a certain time of year, which is called – a mating season. Well, as it turns out, we kind of have it too.

Although our evolution made it possible for us to mate continuously throughout the year (thank you evolution), if we take a closer look at birthdays and months in which most of them occur, we will notice certain patterns.

Namely, most birthdays tend to occur at certain times of year – between July and September. Now, for a mammal with no official mating season, this is rather interesting a fact.

Holiday Season = Mating Season?

According to a recent Harvard study, September is the most birthday-flooded month in the US, with September 16th being the most common day. If we count back the months, we will see that all these babies were conceived around the holidays.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

This is why some like to call the holidays our “mating season,” even though births actually peak TWO TIMES a year – during the holidays, and again in late spring to early summer.

The studies and surveys show that during these months:

  • more children are conceived
  • more STDs are diagnosed and treated
  • more condoms are purchased
  • abortions also peak

As Big Think reports: “A 2001 study suggests that late autumn and early winter are the best times of the year for sperm health, as they are when men are more likely to have a higher sperm count. While from August to October, sperm counts are at their lowest.”

“Researchers have also seen a particular pattern in Google searches. More sexually related searches occur during the holidays and in early summer than at other times of year. Dating terms are also more commonly searched, too.”