How To Keep Your Cool On The First Date

July 28, 2016


Let’s be honest – dating isn’t easy. Just picking out the right girl for you is hard enough, while getting her to go on a date with you is still an impossible task for some guys. But the issues don’t stop there, as many of us get the first date, but somehow manage to ruin it by losing our cool.

Accept Yourself

It’s not that uncommon for a guy to encounter sweaty palms and a blank mind whilst trying to come up with an interesting conversation topic.

This is because we sometimes get the jitters because we’re too nervous and afraid that something will go wrong.

However, this is that “something” which can go wrong during your first date. If the girl figures you out here, she’ll probably think you’re some kind of geek who has never seen a girl in his life.

Instead of having a complete system failure, use your state as the topic. Complain to her how you’re usually so fun and cool, but being close to her makes you so nervous. There’s a pretty good chance she might take it as a compliment, which is a fast track towards a relationship.

Turning The Other Cheek

Once you’ve got the nervousness out of the way, it’s time to be funny.

Make sure the girl you’re seeing is laughing and smiling a lot during the first date if you ever want to see you again, and the best way to do this is to make yourself the subject of your jokes.

Use your jitters as an excuse for a joke, but also take a shot at her. It will show you what kind of person she is and if she can take a joke at her own account.