5 Easy & Simple Tricks To Help You Deal With Stress

December 1, 2016


Stress and anxiety are not strictly girl problems. Men also experience these annoying moods, some even on a weekly basis.

Whether it is because of work, or a girlfriend, or the fact that “Rick And Morty” season 3 is running a bit late, we do deal with stress just as much as women do.

So let’s take a look at these 5 easy tricks that can help you eliminate stress almost instantly.


1. Get Your Body Moving

A nice workout session will always get you in the good mood. Get your body moving by running or exercising at home. You can also always go to the gym and release those much needed endorphins like a boss.

The stress will be long gone before you even finish your workout session.

2. Dogs Of The Internet

Yes, dogs and puppies are always the answer. Start following a bunch of dogs on Instagram and your day will become better instantly. They are goofy, they are cute and they are a perfect solution for your daily stress or anxiety issues.

3. Coloring Books Are Not Just For Kids

Although it might seem a bit strange, trust us this works. Buy an adult coloring book and try filling in a page or two. You will start feeling more calm and the stress will be melting away.

It’s all about getting into a meditative state of mind, so you’re not thinking about all the things that are stressing you out.

You can even download an app for these purposes. “Colorfy” is one of the most popular ones.

4. Take A Walk In The Nature

What a better way to reconnect with your inner self and reduce stress than by being hugged by nature?

Decades of research have shown that being out in nature helps reduce stress and boost well-being. As buzzfeed.com reports, one study from Stanford University found that spending time in nature reduces rumination, which means it helps you obsess about things a little less and just “be”.

5. Beer Time With The Gang

If you however don’t have a beautiful forest nearby, it is perhaps time to get the gang together and go out for some late night fun.

Being around people who support you will instantly may make you feel better.

The last thing you need when you are stressed out is to be alone. That’s when depression might kick in, so you better call those buddies of yours and hit your favorite bar!