15 Reasons Why Women Like Bearded Men


While some people consider bearded men as dirty and repulsive, we all know that a rugged look is much better for scoring chicks than a clean shaven face.

Women go crazy when they see a man with a groomed beard, and there are many reasons behind this. So if you’re wondering whether you should grow a beard, here are 15 reasons why you absolutely should.

1. Beard Means Better Kissing

Let’s begin with something mild, like kissing.

A beard can come in handy in many ways when it comes to kissing.

It tickles your girl’s face in a good and fun way, she’ll love making out with a smart, manly, bearded man, and she’ll get her complimentary chin scratch.

The beard can be very helpful and appealing, and kissing is just one way of testing that theory.

And even though you think you’ve found the best way to use your beard sexually, there is one thing that feels much better than kissing, but we’ll get to that soon enough.