Toyota’s Fuel Cells Vs Electric Cars

June 29, 2014


Every year, we tip a little bit further into what could realistically be called “the future.” This is one of those moments that push us a little closer. Yesterday, Toyota announced that their first hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle will officially debut worldwide next year.

The company also posted a video showing off the exterior to the vehicle and let loose some further details about performance and pricing. The Toyota FCV sedan will apparently manage a 430-mile range at “cruising” speeds, feature a three-minute refueling time, and cost those who wish to own one approximately $70,000.

Fuel cell technology currently faces similar hurdles on the infrastructure side of things, however, and Toyota has invested heavily in the rollout of fueling stations across the country.

The real lingering question is whether or not fuel cell car technology will win out over all-electric in the long run. Both technologies certainly have their strengths and weaknesses.


Although whichever solution becomes more dominant, we should all probably take a step back and at least be thankful that we’re even having a conversation about which zero-emissions car technology is superior.

Though interior photos of the 2015 Toyota FCV haven’t yet been shown, the car is expected to maintain the same 4-seat layout as the concept version. That would mean the FCV would join the current Chevy Volt in the 4-passenger club.

So, while details remain pretty sparse, one thing we can share with you is the new Toyota FCV’s price tag: just under 7 million yen, or about $69,000 once the car hits US shores in late 2015.